Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm in a blog hop which is just around the corner. Some of my project will be part of the give-away and I also gave a hint. You may be asking yourself, "What was the hint?" Well, I will tell you. =) OWLS!!!! So what am I so indecisive about? Well, I'm adding to the blog candy but I don't know or more like I keep going back and forth of what I want to add! Ughh! LMAO! So now I'm thinking of doing a give-away on my you-tube channel as well so then I won't have such a hard time choosing. Hmm...what shall I be doing? Well, it's getting here soon so I better make up my mind FAST! =D

Oooh! Just a thought that popped in my head just now! I'm remembering that tootsie pop commercial I used to watch when I was a kid! I love that commercial! Yeah, I know so random!

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