Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hooray for Shelves!

OMG! Guess what?! My esposo finally decided to put up my shelves! Saaaaay whaaaat?! Yeah I know! I'm so excited!
Oushhhhhhhhhh! Look at my sesssy esposo drilling the screws in wall. So macho!

Now, now ladies! Stop drooling! =D Aye I crack myself up!

My esposo did not want me to post this pic because he said he wasn't done. Well I couldn't help it! I had to! I was so excited!

Woooohoooo! He is actually putting up my shelves!

Ahh....look at this beauty! Feast your eyes mujeres...feast!

I'm soooo happy! Can't you tell?
Ta-da! k, I know the owls are not 'organized' but I just had to take them out of my basket! They were crying to be let out! Tomorrow I will fix up my shelves. Ahh....and make my skirt for my table! =)


  1. Congrats on the new shelves! I know how happy you are! I just got my new shelf put up and it made me extremely happy! ;)

  2. Yeah! Your corners are Awesome...seeing Ryan there like that reminded me of when Miguel put mine up in our old house....but it's all good...I miss my old shelves! Hey Ryan...tell Susi she owes you a massage!!! Hahahahaha! :p

  3. Thank you Dawn-Marie! It's the best isn't it?! Especially when you wanted them for a long time! =)

    Linda! Don't give him any ideas! Aww...brought back memories he is sweet. He just came in and just smiled with your comment. Nice Linda...very nice!