Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Babe, that's enough!"

My corner is getting bigger and my esposo is worried that I'm going over-board...I just started laughing. He just smiled and walked away to his "small" office...the extra room. Hahaha!
So this is the skirt that I finished last night. WHAT?! It's no purple?! Hey, hey, they didn't have the purple fabric in my price range! Lay off! Sheesh! =D

K, so before my esposo put the shelves up I told him one would be fine...umm...I'm so glad he put the two shelves! It is hard to believe that most of this was on my desk, and small book case! WOW!

My little corner. =)

This is where I put the tags from swaps and gifts. I have some missing and I can't find them!!!! I'm stressing man! STRESSING! I know I have them somewhere! I have decided to title it "Arte" in Spanish. =)


  1. Love how the skirt turned out!

  2. Ami I luv it!!!! Hey u need to add your signature owl to the corner of the skirt :) See see I wub u and give u ideas lol :) by the way have a blessed Bday ami if I don't talk to ya sooner :) Abrazotes Alee'

  3. Aww...thanks mari! I love sewing so any excuse I can sew my little heart out! heehee!

    Alee...gracias...and yes I was thinking about it! hahaha! Muchas gracias ami! I hope we talk before then but thank you so much!

  4. I like the way ur arte corner looks.